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Studio Mat Pilates

I first discovered Pilates 9 years ago when I had a back operation due to an injury and the rehabilitation was Pilates exercises.  From that moment I was struck by this wonderful non-competitive way of strengthening the body and mind.  There is no doubt that without weekly Pilates classes I wouldn't have been able to enjoy my swim, bike and run sessions each week.


Pilates studio sessions with Hummingbird Pilates & Fitness are performed in calming, spacious environments in Horsforth & Farsley on mats using ones own body weight.  We do in some sessions use equipment such as bands, small weights, balls and blocks to add variations and different challenges to exercises.  Attending classes regularly can help to improve posture, flexibility, muscle tone, balance and joint stability as well as relieve stress and tension.   

Online Pilates sessions are convenient for those not living local, or if you are short on time (or a babysitter) and also use the same techniques but with less equipment.  


Pilates aims to strengthen the body in an even way, with particular emphasis on core strength to improve general fitness and wellbeing and I am a full advocate of Pilates.  

Believe in yourself and make time for YOU! 

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