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Condition with Pilates, Strength & Cardio Blasts 

Unleash that inner AthleteTone it up! 

Grab your weights & a mat - using bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells we work our bodies from between 25-30 minutes weekdays at 6:30am.  

Below is little bit about our sessions held online via Zoom mid week.  

With the exception of PowerUP Pilates you will need to provide your own weights to work out but these can be picked up fairly cheaply at local stores and also online.  I suggest purchasing dumbells 2/3kg sets and one heavier kettlebell (4/5kg).

PowerBlast 25 Monday
This supercharged 25 minute online circuit uses a variety of exercises with free weights/dumbbells and your own bodyweight.  We burn fat, increase muscles strength, tone up and improve our overall health together!  




PowerUp Pilates 30 

This 30 minutes, low impact, express Power Up Pilates class focuses on building the body's core strength and improving posture.    We build on flexibility, coordination and strength through movement creating balance and giving the body a complete body workout.  

The 8 principles of Pilates that the classes are structured around: 

- Relaxation
- Alignment
- Control
- Precision
- Routine

- Breathing

- Centering
- Flowing movement

StrengthCardio Blast 30

Similar to a power blast session but some exercises require more speed and sometimes use the cardiovascular system to get the heart pumping.   

Examples of exercises in the PowerBlast / Strength Cardio classes 

Dumbbell/Goblet Squat

Single weighted leg lunge

Single Arm Dumbbell Row 

Russian Twist with Weight


Benefits of Exercise 

Maximum health benefits in minimal time


Helps burn calories


Along with a healthy diet it can help drop fat


Helps build lean muscle


Improves cardiovascular fitness


Can increase metabolism

Image by Luis Quintero
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