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August Summer Strong
30/30 Strength & Pilates  

We can build strength in our muscles and bones to reduce the effects of aging, maintain muscles mass, improve bone density, reduce joint pain and isn't it great we can also improve mood and energy levels. 


But how, I hear you ask? ....

With all Hummingbird pilates & strength Sunshine Strong classes we focus on building all over body strength using our own bodyweight and weights.

August Sunshine 1 hour sessions consist of: 

30 minutes weights based activity
30 minutes  Pilates (ending with relaxation) 

4 people max per class

£11 per session (discount for multiple bookings) 

Benefits of an August Sunshine Session

Focus the for the body and mind


Helps burn calories


Along with a healthy diet it can help drop fat


Helps build lean muscle


Improves strength


Can increase metabolism

Protect joints from injury


Timetable in Picture Below


Summer final.png
Image by Luis Quintero
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