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STEPtember Challenge 

Who is up for STEPtember Challenge?
Starting Monday 4th September 

The current guidelines recommend that we should aim for 10,0000 steps a day which helps towards achieving the recommended target of 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week.  

Walking every day can help improve: 

Blood pressure 

Cholesterol levels
Weight stability/loss

Walking speed

10,000 steps, boy, that can seem daunting and seem a lot! I know that this doesn't suit everyone, all the time.   Some people may need to work up to this number.

HERE's the challenge STEPtember


Equipment required : smartphone/watch/stepcounter/trainers

Week 1 - set yourself a target number of steps per day and simply track how many steps you do and then add up your weekly amount.    

Week 2 - increase your personal total weeks count by a small percentage 

Week 3 - increase again....can you add more hills?  

Week 4 - increase again...can you speed up?  

It's all about you and your goals!
Don't f



Contact me to find out other ways to keep fit and motivated in Horsforth/Leeds/Online - TYPE in STEPtember code in your enquiry and get 10% off your first booking.

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